IT Logistic Solution

  • Access control managed by eLisa
  • Display used by eLisa to call trucks onsite
  • Weighing bridge integrated in eLisa
  • Weighing bridge integrated in eLisa
  • Rail module: Managing a fleet of wagons
  • The onsite safety

What is eLisa?

With eLisa logistic, Pulsar Consulting offers a complete solution to effectively deal with receipts and shipments of products on site:

  • Truck registration via interactive terminals,
  • Edit your entry documents,
  • Control checklists and special treatment of Dangerous Goods Transport,
  • Interactions with devices weighing and loading,
  • Interfaces with various ERP (such as SAP),
  • Validations before the truck leaves the site and transport document printing

To whom is eLisa aimed?

TO ALL! Elisa offers several access levels based on user profiles. Each profile has access to specific screens. And each one has access to information which would be useful. More information ...

Truck module

Truck drivers registration, security controls, transport and loading documents, interfaces with weighing bridges, integration with centralized ERP

Rail module

Manage your fleet of wagons, Instantly locate & identify the wagons on your railway tracks, organize your loading planning

eLisa in Europe

 Discover eLisa in action in different plants, in Belgium and abroad

Added value

 Maximize your truck loading capacity, increase the safety onsite, and master the waiting time for carriers